GM Ventures

A Tiny Startup Studio


GhostlyCreator led content and advertising agency
SponsorFlowReal-time sponsorship monitoring
PricebarStock and crypto price tracker app for Mac
Indoor GolfPrivate 24/7 indoor golf
Insider AlertsInstant notifications for insider stock trades
Insider TrackerInvesting account that tracks CEOs and Congress
ChartWizNewsletter that visualizes financial data
Inverse CramerFinance and investing focused parody account
Creator SalesOutsourced sales solution for creators
Startups.EmailNewsletter about all things startups and founders
Wall St. WhisperNewsletter that covers global economics
Black Swan StreetNewsletter that covers financial markets


GM Ventures is a small startup studio focused on building a portfolio of handy software products


Are you a talented developer with a startup idea or a serial builder looking for an exit? We'd love to chat

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